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The Power of Indonesian
Natural Herbs & Plans for Holistic
Beauty and Healthcare
Throughout The Cycle of Life

The holistic concept of beauty and health at every phase of the cycle of life

The world of beauty is our world ..
Natural riches and culture are beauties that, if combined with knowledge, result in an amazing creation.

We sustain and nurture natural beauty based on the holistic concept of beauty and health. That is, we believe physical beauty springs forth from spiritual beauty and good health. The balance needed to realize this is known in ancient Javanese as 'Rupasampat Wahyabiantara'. As such, perfecting beauty and health is both physical and spiritual and in harmony with the natural cycle of life.

We base our concept of holistic beauty and health on the cycle of life in which there are five phases, namely, baby and child, teens, adult, postnatal and the gracious age.

Utilizing modern technology and a scientifiec approach, we harness the benefits of natural products. The result is the creation of products of international quality finely tuned to holistically care for one's beauty and health throughout life.

With a spirit of innovation, we continue to explore the natural world and the knowledge of the East to create products suitable for this increasingly hectic and exhausting modern world. As the cycles of life roll on, we attempt to perpect our treatments with the latest breakthroughs so that spiritual and physical beauty flow freely.

Born from the personal experiences of DR. Martha Tilaar

Children are the natural expression of love but notall unions are blessed With children. Martha and Alex Tilaar had lost hope waiting for children and, at 40 years of age, Martha seemed destined to never bear a child.

A native Javanese, Martha came to believe that a certain ingredient'used in herbal remedies, er jarnu, could help her fall pregnant.

She researched the matter through the ancient literature and with the help of her beloved grandmother who was an expert jamu maker.

After undergoing massage therapy and consuming the products Prepared by her grandmother to aid fertility, Martha indeed fell pregnant at 42 years of age

This experience inspired Martha to help others not only those facing similar problems but also those with health and beauty concerns whose treatment required the holistic approach.


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