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The Range of Jamu Garden

Life is a cycle every human being passes through. The means to care for our bodies and enjoy a quality life were developed and passed onto us by our ancestors through written and verbal traditions. So many of these treasures are still used in Indonesia today.

In the ancient Javanese way, there were numerous beauty and health care rituals harmonized with one's phase in the life cycle.

This concept of the life cycle maintains that every person, and especially women, undergoes five phases manifested in their changing biological and anatomical processes. The cycle begins as a baby and progress into the teens, adult life, postnatal and the gracious age phases. Naturally, each phase requires a different holistic beauty and health approach.


Physically, a baby or child is still Weak. and passing through the phase of rapid adaptation With his or her new environment. Babies and children nebd to adapt, to be loved and to feel the warmth of love all around them.

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At this phase in the Life cycle, the hormones begin to determine the form and texture of the body, particularly in females. Breasts begin to develop, menstruation is experienced for the firsttime and ...

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In this phase, hormonal functions begin to stabilize anda person's physical growth is complete. The breasts and buttocks firm up, stamina is increased and facial skin can glow with the proper care.

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During pregnancy, hormonal changes occur that leave the body easily tired and weakened. Additional care is needed to maintain health and beauty after the birth.

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The beauty of women at this phase in. the life cycle is like the setting sun. Physically, lines of maturity are set in the face and the body is no longer as fresh and vital as before.

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