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In this phase, hormonal functions begin to stabilize anda person's physical growth is complete. The breasts and buttocks firm up, stamina is increased and facial skin can glow with the proper care. Women in this phase wish to always appear radiant, both for their personal satisfaction and for the benefit of the complimentary sex. To attain this inner and oute' glow, One needs the care of:

Charming Soap

This gentle, transparent soap contains temugiring extract and jasmine oil making the skin Soft; fragrant and fresh after use. Its jasmine aroma inspires the spirit and the mind:

Charming Cleanser

Care for your face with this special formula created to cleanse and firm up.facial skin. Temugiring extract is known for its antiseptic qualities and softens facial skin. Regular use improves blood circulation around the face and aids the rejuvenation of new skin cells. The delicate jasmine oil balances the activities of the sebaceous g!and without leaving the skin dry.

Charming Freshener

Care for your face with this special formula that refreshes and softens. the skin. Temugiring extract improves blood circulation and has a cooling effect, Enriched with jasmine oil that leaves facial skin fragrant, soft and fresh, the aroma calms tension and emotion.

Charming Night Cream

This night care cream maintains the smoothness and freshness of the skin and helps to prevent premature aging caused by environmental influences. The special formula contains natural extract of temugiring, collagen and jasmine oil, known to nourish, the skin, aid the rejuvenation process and maintain the skin's natural softness·

Charming Cooling Mask

This unique mask is effective for softening facial skin and maintaining natural moisture. Its temugiring extract possesses antiseptic qualities that can improve blood circulation while the jasmine oil cools the face, leaving it radiant with self-confidence.

Charming "Lulur' Scrub

This natural scrub with exotic temugiring and jasmine oil makes facial skin clean.-smooth and fragrant and stimulates the regeneration of new skin cells. The jasmine aroma creates an attractive, sensual aura.

Charming "Mangir" Scrub

This fine powder contains temugiring extract and jasmine oil to lighten the skin. maintain cleanliness and freshness, and helps the regeneration of new skin cells. Jasmine oil keeps the skin soft and smooth and inspires self-confidence.

Charming Caplet

Theses all nafural caplets made from temugiring extract, tsofiavon, Centella asiatica and select herbal extract reduces wrinkles and aids, the rejuvenation of your skin. Regular use keeps your face radiant and fresh and inspires self confidence.

Loving Tea

This tasty and refreshing drink is made from the Adropogon zizaniodes Root, temugiring extract and other select herbal extracts. Blendled with quality tealeaves, it stimulates the central nervous system, increases stamina and physical performance and inspires the spirit. Health and wellbeing flow from the taste of genuine herbs.Tasty and freshening.



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