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The beauty of women at this phase in. the life cycle is like the setting sun. Physically, lines of maturity are set in the face and the body is no longer as fresh and vital as before. The skin begins to loosen, silver hairs appear and stamina begins to decrease. Sensitivity is heightened and memory begins to decrease. Naturally, at this phase one benefits from additional care:

Indulgent Cooling Mask

This unique mask is effective in preventing premature aging. The wild ginger, extract and sadalwood oil cleanses and softens the skin it naturally radiant with visibly reduced wrinkles.

Indulgent Soap

A gentle transparent'seap containing ginger extractand sandalwood oil helps make the skin clean, smooth and fresh. Sandalwood oil is useful to maintain the softness of the skin and its natural moisture. The aroma has calming effect.

Indulgent Body Lotion

This body lotion with sunscreen enhances the skin's smoothness and natural moisture. The wild ginger extract and sandalwood oil reduces muscular pain and keeps the body fresh. Its gentle aroma will have a calming effect.

Indulgent Massage Oil

This fragrant massage oil reduces muscular pain and treats cellulite.





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