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An Ultimate Oasis for Today's Modem Lifestyle

We need an oasis...

Life in the hustle and bustle of the metropolis constantly threatens to wear us out. Pollution, traffic jams and unhealthy lifestyles seem to be the natural consequences.

The wheels turn while we are caught in the cycle of stress, fatigue and a longing to escape. There's never enough time to do the things we need to do. We need an oasis to free ourselves...

Puri Ayu Martha Tilaar was created as that oasis, to cool the heat of Jakarta and temper the frenzy of activity. The range of products offered by the Jamu Garden Martha Tilaar provides inner and outer care to nurture your natural beauty and health.

The range is holistic with special treatments made especially for the various phases of the life cycle, from baby to teenagers, adults and onto the childbirth and gracious age phases. Enjoy your life with greater health, endless vitality and free of stress.

Our Dadah Treatment centers on massage for babies and infants and helps increase immunity, growth and appetite through improving blood circulation and reducing stress.

The DhoroTreatment was designed especially for the teens. This facial and body care treatment is complete with relaxation techniques that reduce tension and leave the body fresh.

The Kenya Treatment was designed for adult women and men and incorporates products and techniques for caring for the face and body. Regular use leaves the body fresh, reduces stress and helps you avoid the onset of premature aging.

The Babaran Treatment helps new mothers retain their health and vitality after childbirth. Treatment helps slim doWn the body, improve blood circulation, return the health of the womb and reduce stress.

The Among Treatment was designed for women of the gracious age. The relaxing treatment helps tighten facial skin, prevent wrinkles, improve blood circulation and leaves the body fresh.

The Tapak Treatment concentrates on the feet as the focal point of the body's nervous system. The method of treatment involves reflexology and traditional massage techniques. A stone pumice is used with warm oils to reduce accumulated tension in the feet and improve blood circulation and metabolism. The body as a whole will feel rejuvenated and fresh.

The Jamu Bar. It's time time for you to change your views on the traditional drinks bequeathed by our heritage. Don't imagine that jamu is always bitter and to be taken in small sips. Our range was formulated to taste delicious as well as leave you feeling invigorated and looking your best.

The Bio Energy Exercise treatment uses your inner power to help solve all kinds of physical ailments through relaxation.

The Aromatic Inhalation Treatment, aromatherapy, has a calming effect on the mind and nurtures inner and outer beauty.

How do you deal with a busy work agenda that requires you be in many places at once from morning till night? Do pressing engagements, hurriedly changing clothes and touching up your makeup sap your energy? Whatever you do, if time restraints are making your life difficult, utilize the specially prepared Transit Place for Beauty offered by Puri Ayu Martha Tilaar.

The Puri Ayu Martha Tilaar offers hair, face and body treatments, our full range of cosmetic products as well as other supporting services to improve your health and beauty.

The peacefull environment and our professional staff can help you prepare mentarlly and physically for the day's challenges. Nothing can stop you when you feel refreshed and confident!.


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